Strategic Work Winning

Strategic Work Winning

The People Positive Strategic Work Winning approach focuses effort, reduces waste and builds efficiency. It rapidly develops aligned winning teams who fully understand customer requirements.


  • Help ambitious businesses win more work

  • Build aligned, focused teams

  • Eliminate wasted effort

  • Increase efficiency

  • Facilitate effective team performance

  • Understand and address customer needs

Our Strategic Work Winning approach helps ambitious businesses win more work. We build aligned and focused teams that eliminate wasted effort and increase efficiency. We help those teams work effectively together to understand and address customer needs. 

The process starts at the strategic planning stage when senior managers select the customers and opportunities that most closely fit with their business vision.  It progresses through building the right teams, supporting those teams to prepare for major tenders, then on to the submission of the bid and any assessment. The next stage is mobilisation of the delivery team and transition to steady state operation.  The process concludes with the strategic decision making that leads either to re-bid or demobilisation. 

Our team, comprising experienced practitioners, behavioural specialists, bid writers and facilitators can be engaged for the whole of the process or parts of it.

Elements of our successful process

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