Collaborative Working

Collaborative Working

We work with major companies to make collaborative working and more happen through consistent and interactive support.


  • Cost reduction

  • Improved risk management

  • Faster project mobilisation

  • Increase efficiency

  • Greater innovation

  • Better customer relationships

We deliver short courses to raise awareness, and fully integrated change management programmes that develop strong and durable internal and external networks.  These courses and programmes are designed around your needs and help embed the required kind of collaborative behaviours and culture right across the business so that instead of patches of best practice there is a consistent approach in everything you do.  Every time, on every project.

Some organisations seek to achieve the recognised Collaborative Working Standard, ISO 44001. However, achieving this standard is only the first step – the bigger prize is to consistently deliver excellence in every aspect of the organisation’s work and to fully exploit the benefits that the standard can deliver.  That requires an organisation-wide emphasis on collaborative working with customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues.  And It often means the introduction of a new collaborative toolkit, deliberate culture and behaviour change and the creation of strong internal networks to embed the standard fully across the organisation.

The achievement of ISO 44001 makes a clear statement about an organisation’s ambition.  It demonstrates a willingness to work collaboratively and to self-improve, and an ability to deliver excellence.  The standards can also help create pockets of best practice and genuinely drive change and it is often a great marketing tool. For it to provide lasting value to the organisation it needs to be backed up by internal values, behaviour and processes.