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People Positive, UK, East Africa, US
People Positive, UK, East Africa, US
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If you are interested development opportunities in your project , I would love to speak with you and explore what we mean by 'all of you'.

'all of you'

Welcome to People Positive
Purple, People Positive, UK, East Africa, US
What do we do?

Our work is about developing people. We create inspirational opportunities to help teams and individuals grow and progress, to enable 'all of you'. We have a mutual goal - ensuring your success!

All of You: To enable performance through unique learning experiences that create business value.

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Collaborative Working

People Positive consultants have developed a successful track record of helping organisations to develop a collaborative approach to business. Leadership Alignment ~ Project start-ups ~ Behavioural Safety ~ Culture Change ~ Cultural Assessment ~ Bid Support ~ ISO 44,001 ~ Collaborative Behaviour Workshops…




Penguins Project

Creative Facilitation


We have an enviable reputation for creating an environment in which everyone can make a positive and creative contribution. Large-scale consultations have become one of our specialties.