Our experience includes engaging workforces in a large scale review of their safety culture; exploring new business opportunities; delivering worldwide sales and marketing conferences and staging the public launch of a new player in the UK oil and gas arena.

Creative Facilitation

  • Tap into the energy and potential of individuals through a stimulating and creative learning environment. Enrich the process of inclusion, ownership and commitment to take action.

  • Continuous personal development and process improvement, embedded learning and effective transfer back to the workplace.

  • Release the people to release the potential – have an ‘out-of-the-work-place’ experience.


  • The bridge between the experiment and the reality of life in the workplace

  • Our skills in creative facilitation and our processes ensure transfer of learning

  • Collaboration with other professionals – musicians, actors and magicians

  • Interaction without distraction – the focus is always on performance

What is key for our client?

  • Business delivery

  • Safety performance

  • Strategy development and implementation

  • Project delivery

  • Leadership development

  • People development

  • Or all of the above!

Our Offer

  • Structure and focussed meetings

  • Engagement and inspiration

  • Energised events

  • Training of in-house facilitators


  • A world-class facilitation technique

  • Highly interactive and participative process

  • Builds commitment and overcomes resistance

  • Provides a framework on which to build

  • Graphically maps ideas

  • Enables problem solving and decision-making

  • Creates communicable action plans

Incorporation of Drama and Music

  • Metaphors for learning and insights

  • Energetic, dynamic and fun

  • Build personal confidence and teamwork

  • Powerful visual memories

  • Lessons learned applied back at work


Take a look at Pinpoint, one of the most effective techniques we use to get the best out of a facilitated session.