More of our clients are asking for our help in the work winning process.  The front end, where opportunities are evaluated, new teams are assembled, risk profiles are developed and tenders are written.  The stage where bidders present their solution and map out the structure and CVs of their delivery team. Where the rewards for first place can be enormous and there’s little consolation for coming second.

Of course clients always need a first class technical and commercial solution, but that’s not always good enough to be a differentiator.  The reason we’re being asked for help, is that enlightened clients also want a first class team with all the technical and behavioural skillsets required to deliver that solution.  A team that works together productively and consequently works effectively with clients and suppliers.  A team that’s a cohesive unit with a clear purpose, mission and set of values.  A team that’s going to stick together.

And we’ve noticed that clients are getting better at the assessment process.  Using external evaluators to establish whether the team before them has been scrambled together for the interview, or whether it’s a cohesive unit that can work with all stakeholders throughout the length of the project.  Because like everyone else in our industry, these clients know that if you don’t get the foundations right from the start of the project you’re storing up a bunch of headaches for the future.

We’re pleased to have helped some ambitious companies win some very big contracts recently.  Helped them build first class trust and communication.  Created teams that are in it for the long haul, and who are proud of what they’re delivering.  Because adding those extra few percentage points of value that might be the difference between failure and success is our purpose as a business. And every time one of our clients picks up a major project, that gives us real and tangible and immediate feedback on our own performance. Keeps us focused, keeps us motivated to do more.