One of the most effective techniques we use for getting the best out of a facilitated session is PINPOINT.

This technique transforms meetings and workshops from ‘sitting around a table being talked at’ to ‘getting up and doing it for yourself’

Based on the knowledge that there are multiple learning styles, the use of the techniques and materials of Pinpoint helps create real engagement and ownership.

  • Focusing on key issues

  • Breaking down barriers

  • Stimulating creativity

  • Gaining lasting commitment

  • Generating productive action

  • Each person has control of the meeting

  • Power to influence and be heard

  • Total ownership of outcomes

Using Pinpoint ensures that the discussion happens on large pin boards and can be seen by everybody. The contents of the meeting are visualised as it progresses. Makes complex issues a lot simpler and keeps people focussed on what’s happening.

Without Pinpoint

People Positive PinPoint
People Positive Pinpoint 4

How we work with you

Work backwards from the meeting objective(s) to create a series of processes, which will ensure that:

  • Minimum time take (time used well)

  • Everybody has the opportunity to influence

  • Decisions will be made

  • Negative conflict will be eliminated

  • People kept in check without loss of input

  • People normally shy will be able to give ideas, influence and make decisions without threat or fear

  • The whole meeting is recorded visually – The talking wall, an unedited version of minutes

  • Complex issues simplified

What has been said about People Positive facilitated meetings

“Dynamic, involving, interesting and enjoyable”

“Very professional, well paced and relevant”

“The use of boards is excellent”

“Thank you – I am feeling very positive that I can make a difference”