Client Experiences

Client Experiences

People Positive™ have really helped and inspired us to start working in the way we wish to continue.

Richard Smith

bp Clair Drilling Superintendent

Your participation in our event went down brilliantly so I am really pleased with the outcome. The rest of the day appears to have been a big hit, with people liking the interactive nature of the day which you started so well. The only problem will be doing something better next year.

Andrew Kay

Project Manager (Communications),

Infrastructure Projects Southern

Right from the word go People Positive™ really connected with the team. As a result of the programme, the Team Leaders were inspired to break down obstacles and make improvements happen.

Gunther Newcombe

De-commissioning VP,


We received excellent support from People Positive™ at short notice. It was clear from the beginning of the project that their cross-industry experience was going to be valuable and they brought a number of new ideas to the table. This, coupled with open and honest feedback and a tailor-made approach to our specific project, delivered a really successful outcome for us.

David Dunne

Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions Ltd

We have had official confirmation that the S711 has won the Shell rig of the year 2005. This great achievement and one we feel very proud of and I’d like to thank you for all the help you have given us as a group since we started working together. I firmly believe the regular sessions we have had since contract start up have played a vital role in forming the team and establishing how we work together as well as targeting key areas of focus and allowing us to tackle the issues we collectively face. We face new challenges now of maintaining our standards and bringing new team members into our ‘ways of working’ and we look forward to working with you again shortly.
On behalf of the S711 Team please accept our thanks.

Hugh Scott



Thanks for the follow up and the electronic copies of the materials you shared.

I also thought it was a productive and fun event.

I really appreciate the preparation you put in, as well as the energy and insights you brought to us in the exercises we took part in.

It certainly met / exceeded my expectations. I can tell you’ve run similar sessions many, many times before!

Hope we can further engage you guys in the coming months / years.

Christian George

VP Wells Performance and Business Planning