Project Description

Preserve EWA Region


Lessons Learned Workshop Following successful delivery of first phase of a contract for Intelligent Well Control Panels for two new North Sea platforms an opportunity existed to bring the cross-regional team together involved in the project to capture lessons learned and apply best practice to the next Panel.


One-day workshop using highly interactive structured process. Pre-work to gather individual comments then produced onto Pinpoint Cards to facilitate easy prioritising and filtering. Graphic facilitation boards were used to ‘map’ the story which built in complexity during the day. ‘Narrators’ introduced each new ‘chapter’ and all of the team contributed their experience as actors in the story. Process was called a ‘Smart-Completion’, part of Proserv’s SmartTrack Project Excellence programme being developed in partnership with People Positive.


Engaged group of people dealing with potentially difficult ‘conversations’ in a highly-skilled way. Excellent learning and sharp set of ideas to share with client and internal teams.