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Collaboration and BS11000

People Positive consultants have developed a successful track record of helping organisations to develop a collaborative approach to business. Their work spans oil and gas, utilities, construction and rail sectors and includes supply chain selection, creation of a collaborative culture, and measurement of collaborative performance. Additions to our consultant team have further strengthened our collaborative behavioural coaching and preparation for BS11000 certification. Our approach is the correct balance between the processes that underpin collaborative discipline, and the behaviours that make a collaborative culture sustainable.


Behavioural Safety

We have led the delivery of behavioural safety programmes since their beginnings in the Oil & Gas industry in 2000. We are now enabling safe behaviour across a number of industrial and commercial sectors including Rail and Construction. Drama-based learning is a cornerstone of our approach.


Drama Based Learning

Our team of professional actors has created a reputation for helping individuals and companies to deal with some of the most difficult and thorny behavioural issues. Working in rail, oil and gas construction and utilities the actors recreate those work-based encounters and conversations which have the greatest potential to enhance collaboration, help the work force to deliver their best, or set and maintain the highest safety standards. This “show not tell” approach has also had a strong influence on supervisor development programmes.


Team Development

Our highly experienced consultants have worked at all management levels to help teams make a shift in performance and maximize their commercial opportunities. Our approach focuses on the behaviours that underpin team goal achievement and provide a basis for sustainable success.


Creative Facilitation

We have an enviable reputation for creating an environment in which everyone can make a positive and creative contribution. Large-scale consultations have become one of our specialties.



At People Positive™ we understand that your project needs to deliver. We can impact across the project life-cycle, from concept to project review, to ensure that you work in the smartest way possible to achieve your goals. Our project framework keeps you on track and saves time and money by helping you find the best route to success. Our experience gained over 20 years in working with projects in the Oil & Gas, Rail and Construction sectors across the world informs us that project teams must pay attention to the ‘human’ factor within the technical challenge of delivering a great project. The behaviour of individuals throughout the project team will have a significant impact on overall success. Your organisation will have expertise in project management in-house. We bring the ‘missing extras’ that can make a big difference to your performance. Having an external, objective perspective to draw on will enhance your decision-making and get the best from your leaders on the project.