Drama Based Learning

Xplore  Drama based learning 

We use drama interventions and other interactive creative tools to explore the behaviour and attitudes and their importance in developing and sustaining, a positive workplace culture.

The bespoke interventions and techniques used are created through continuous consultation with the client and the Programme Director to ensure its relevance to, and support of, the learning objectives. They are developed and delivered by trained professional actor/facilitators with backgrounds in and experience of business and industry (at all levels) as well as facilitation, professional acting and script-writing.

Our work brings to life the relationships between people, providing a rigorous, imaginative framework for the delegates to explore their own behaviour and their relationships with colleagues. It is applicable to safety, building and developing teams, effective conversations, and managing change at all levels of the business.

Our techniques include:

Forum Theatre

Dynamic and interactive, Forum Theatre uses real scenarios that reflect the issues the delegates face, empowering them to resolve those issues by coaching the characters to behave differently towards each other.

The Story

We know ourselves and people know us by the stories we tell. These sessions enables the delegates to think about their individual and collective stories and the values and beliefs contained in those stories. A powerful tool that gives us the confidence to examine honestly what makes us (people and organisations) who we are.

Site-specific Theatre

This works in two ways. Firstly using unusual venues to challenge perceptions and challenge the delegates to think creatively and differently. This is very effective when looking at future-planning, the challenges that a business faces, and problem solving. Secondly, performances in the workplace which use Invisible Theatre whereby the audience are unsure as to whether what they’re witnessing is real or not.

Miscellaneous exercises, simulations and improvisations

We create short interventions, exercises and improvisations that respond immediately to the issues that are arising in the room to support the learning objectives. Simulations are specifically devised to put the delegates in other people’s shoes to acquire an understanding of how those people see the world. Simulations can last from an hour to all day.

The Benefits of working with Xplore are:

  • Interactive and entertaining, engaging with both emotions and intellect
  • It puts the theory into practice
  • It provides valuable insights into behaviour, individual and collective
  • It enables delegates to understand the importance of, and practice, such “soft skills” of effective conversations, empathy, well-being at work, support, personal interactions etc.

In dealing with the emotions we support the complete person, the positive culture and the productive workplace.