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Creating enhanced value for your organisation through an integrated approach to maximise collaborative relationships


The People Positive™ approach to improving Collaborative Performance incorporates the 4 dimensions essential for a truly integrated and robust value creation process.


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• Do they believe their organisation backs collaborative approaches to delivering the contract?
• Have they been able to “let go” previous traditional client contractor relationships?
• Are individuals aware of their preference for handling interpersonal conflict?
• Having a mindset built on the 3 sets of objectives in a collaborative relationship – “mine”, “yours” and “ours”.


• Creating positive and sustainable relationships is the core behaviour in developing a collaborative culture.
• Developing those behaviours, which support sharing of knowledge and recognition of mutual opportunities.
• Trust is critical and can remove time-consuming and costly controls.
• Can leaders involved in the collaboration share control?
Focusing on creating the mindset for successful collaboration within your employees we get your organisation ready for collaborating with others.


• Transparency and openness are cornerstones of a collaborative culture. • Working in tandem to achieve shared goals. • Taking account of the views of customers partners and suppliers. • Does the organisation seek win/win dynamics with partners? A collaborative culture seeks Interdependency within strategic relationships.  Creating this level of maturity is a key aspect of our approach.


• Compatibility of collaborative business processes.
• Processes for sharing leadership, knowledge and capability.
• Measuring and reviewing collaboration performance.
• People selection coaching and development with collaboration in mind.
Robust processes that measure your collaboratice performance are key to ensure maximum extra value is created through your collaborative relationships.

Integrating Behaviour & Process

The impact of our approach to collaboration is the creation of TRUST early on in the process.

Trust will be crucial to assist in the ongoing delivery especially when the pressures of collaboration start to tell.  If we focus too much on the process to start with we will hit challenges, where if the trust is not sufficiently developed the process will collapse because of anti-collaborative behaviours.  Our 4 dimensional approach is the key to success in this.   By giving all four quadrants equal focus we create the foundations of TRUST early on.

For any collaborative venture to be successful there has to be TRUST

In a collaborative venture it is possible to have a process in place that gives the impression of Trustworthiness.  If this process is not backed up by the corresponding Trusting behaviour, there will be no TRUST.

Adversarial relationships are costly and destroy collaboration.  Developing partnering behaviours grows trust. . .  leading to profitable collaboration.

Our Range of Collaborative Services

Collaboration Experts

Benefits of Collaborating with People Positive ™

  • Develop partnering behaviours to build trust
  • Creating a value driven supplier chain
  • Build a culture of performance excellence

People Positive™ consultants have developed a successful track record of helping organisations to develop a collaborative approach to business. Their work spans oil and gas, utilities, construction and rail sectors and includes supply chain selection, creation of collaborative culture, and measurement of collaborative performance

Early engagement with People Positive™ consultants ensures our integrated 4 dimensional approach can impact your collaborative venture immediately and lead to a trust based interdependent relationship that will create the potential for enhanced value for all involved.

Trust + value driven performance = profitable collaboration

We will work with you to ensure that the 4 dimensions are central to your strategic planning for your collaborative venture.  As your venture develops the 4 dimensions of our integrated approach will impact on the venture ensuring a robust and synergistic relationship develops. 

This approach will negate the predicatable and avoidable issues we come across when a collaborative venture begins to breakdown as a result of relationship and trust issues.

:Our 4 dimensional integrated approach to collaboration can mitigate against some of the common anti-collaborative and dysfunctional relationships that develop when the pressures of delivering a project emerge, such as:

  • Shifting focus from pursuing shared objectives to safeguard individual objectives
  • Transparency and openness give way to concealment and blaming
  • Poor performance management with inconsistent and competing standards

If you are considering a collaborative approach to a project, contact People Positive™ and open up a discussion with us on how we can partner with you to share our collaboration expertise and enhance your performance.

In the first instance email Andrew Thacker or Steve Howe